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Change irrigation plans from your office

Distance does not matter when it comes to remote control and monitor

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Agromagic Pro - perfect for plantations

Perfect solution for agriculture, irrigation by water volume or time

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Agromagic Garden - the best solution for homeowners

Its about time you enjoy the technology advantages, save water, time and money

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Water leakage can be discovered on real time

The alert (SMS/EMAIL/CALL) will be sent directly to the gardening manager - save water, time and water!

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Upgrade current systems easily

We support all kind of water valves and water meter including AC and DC systems

Irrigation for agriculture and gardening Suitable for home gardening, institutions gardening, agriculture, greenhouses, internet based system to show data from field - also support sensor reading such as temperature, humidity, light etc
Remote control and monitor systems Remote monitoring of data over web based platform and cellular devices. Enable online monitoring of processes and remote control. Reports, diagrams, customized applications and much more. Control of poultry farms, dairy farms, control of industrial processes and management.
Projects Cellomatics executes projects in many fields including industrial and agriculture projects. The projects includes hardware and software customization for the project needs. Data logging systems, water control, industrial machinery, communication and more. For more details and price offer please contact us.

No matter where you are

our technology enables everyone full control over processes from leterally all over the world.

See your sensors from anywhere

Monitor your sensors remotely using Logic - Sense - temperature, humidity, Tensiometers, fluid level and more

Higher quality agriculture

Data collection and processing in real-time enhances the productivity and as a result the quality of your products just get better and better

Who is taking care of your garden?

Your plants need water? no need to ask, as soon as the soil gets dry you will receive an SMS or Email message with alert!

Orchards and vineyards

Every farmer can easily interface the water management system. Use your cellular phone or internet to take full control of your assets easily

Temperature monitoring>

Logic - Sense enables you online temperature measurement. Use your cellular phone or internet and read your controlled environment

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